Ardele Monkkonen is a visual artist, born and raised in Washington, DC. She works in multiple medias and her work is primarily based on lore, faith, loss, history, and pop-culture. Her work has been shown in Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, and Michigan. 

She currently resides in Detroit, MI, but will always consider DC her home.


The processes of collaging is central to my working methodology; the connecting and layering of forms through traditional and nontraditional techniques. The work I create takes inspiration from historic and contemporary artifacts including personal mementos, objects of

faith, and everyday objects that are overlooked. The work evolves as an assemblage of mass-produced materials and various marks and symbols to communicate narratives of folklore, human emotion, and a longing for the past. Materials used to convey this include; found objects

(pop culture trinkets and religious icons), fabric, wood, paint, and wool.